June 17, 2016


The Direction of Casino Evolution                                                    

A vibrant and sometimes overwhelming online world has meant that the amount of virtual entertainment available is nearly limitless. The gaming industry has taken over as the largest entertainment market in the world today, and the concept of gamification is even beginning to permeate the educational and teaching realms.

Despite all this evolution, and it is an evolution intertwined with major technological shifts, the first choice of so many people is still to visit an online casino. Perhaps the smooth integration of online and mobile capabilities with the essentially simple casino games has been a factor, or perhaps the human need for wagering and gambling has something to do with it, but over the past 10 years casino play online has continued almost unabated.

A Stable and Expanding Market

Interestingly, when the casino industry first realised the potential of a developing online market, their aim was to provide an online experience that was indistinguishable from land-based casino play. This prophetic aim has been adhered to, and despite the various technological changes has only gotten stronger. During the last two decades, tablet computers, smartphones, smart watches and virtual reality devices have all come into existence.

Online banking facilities have improved immeasurably, and communication systems have changed completely. And yet, a snapshot of the casino industry at the moment shows that not only has the industry grown enormously during this time, but has advanced substantially towards the original goal at the same time.

Improved Randomness and Fair Play

Part of the casino development process that should also be mentioned here, is the improved fair play aspect of casino play with the production of acceptable and verifiable random number generators. This has been instrumental in taking the casino industry away from a previously sleazy image, where mob-based characters controlled the house advantage for their own benefit, to online casino play that is checked up on by independent auditors and random number generators that can be verified for randomness by the players themselves.

The Path into the Future is Clear

The current state of play is that online casino game play is edging ever closer to their original goal. New live dealer casino facilities are coming online all the time, and with the introduction of Virtual Reality devices, virtual real live casino play has arrived. This is ridiculously close to being indistinguishable from the original brick and mortar casino experiences. In addition, casino sites are regularly upgrading their services to take into account the need for social interactions, a feature of the latest online casinos that has been warmly greeted by players who seem to be hankering for some of the more indirect benefits of land-based casinos.

Many Consumer Benefits

Then there is the question of the casino games themselves. Beautifully situated within the economy of scale calculations, the very popularity of the online casinos has perpetuated their development and the vast number of games available to players. As software designers compete within this lucrative market, the odds on slot machines become ever better as the numbers available to play get ever more.

Rewards, promotions, bonuses, prizes and jackpots are all constantly growing within this developing world. This improves the situation for players even more and clearly establishes the future directions of casino play, a legitimised form of entertainment with a better chance today of winning real money than was ever dreamt of yesterday.